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Schoharie Valley Lodge #491 Update

Author: BruceVB - Published At: 2016-10-19 22:07 - ( Reads)

Last week, Schoharie Valley Lodge #491 conferred the Entered Apprentice degree upon a new brother- Br. Rob Lediuzet. We had just shy of 30 brothers in Lodge and for dinner, it was certainly a sight to behold! We also welcomed visiting brothers from Unity and Franklin Lodge's along with being treated to a presentation from RW Jack Mulhall from Mass about the Masonic Camping Club.

I say it every year, many times a year, but special things are happening in #491. Our dinners are still good (despite our chef Paul Stoddard moving across the country), our fellowship is the BEST in the state, and our meetings are fun and unique every time we get together. If you haven't joined us in some time, I strongly encourage you to come back and check us out. Dinners are usually $10, which is a small price to pay for the amazing atmosphere you'll witness.

Our Worshipful Master, Randy Rathka, is undergoing surgery to correct a hernia and address some other smaller issues that have been plaguing him for 2+ weeks now. I expect him back at Lodge next month, ready to steal the gavel back from the usurper from the west.

Looking ahead-
Tonight 10/18- 5:30 PM
We will be hosting a practice / run through for the DDGM visit next week, along with working with Brother Rob on his proficiency. All are invited- we can chip in for a pizza or heat-up some leftovers.

We will be hosting our DDGM for his official visit to #491. Dinner will be served at 6:00PM, the cost for this special dinner will be $20 / brother. RSVP's must be received by Todd Cipperly or Ken Zinnsar no later than Friday. Lodge will open PROMPTLY (Randy or Jeff) at 7PM. Come one, come all to hear this special message from the DDGM.

From around the district-
Tonight is the 1st degree for Otsego Lodge in Cooperstown.
Next Tuesday 11/1 is the 1st degree is Cobleskill
DDGM Visits-
10/25 Schoharie Valley
11/8 Richfield Springs
11/14 Schenevus Valley (the OTHER SVL)
11/15 Cobleskill

So that's it for now. I hope to see you all tonight and / or next week. As always- BE THERE AND BE SQUARE!

Brother Jeff Shellenberger
Warden of the West

Howard Stapley 50 Year Service Award

Author: BruceVB - Published At: 2016-09-29 15:29 - ( Reads)

R∴W∴Edward Newsham and W∴Bruce Van Buren presented W∴Howard A Stapley Jr with his 50 Year Service Award. Howard was Master in 1972.

Howard & Bruce
Howard & Bruce
Bruce, Howard & Betty
Bruce, Howard & Betty

News From the Grand Lecturer's Convention

Author: BruceVB - Published At: 2016-09-29 15:26 - ( Reads)

Our Grand Lecturer announced a new requirement that every lodge in New York begin conducting an open lodge suitable proficiency on each Brother before advancing to the next degree that follows this format:

The Brother is brought into the lodge room west of the altar and salutes the WM with the due-guard and sign. The WM asks him the first few questions up to but not including the one about how we may know him to be a mason or FC. He is then conducted to the JW who continues with the questions concerning the signs, and then to the SW for the questions about the token.

That is all. This constitutes the minimum standard, for now, of what defines suitable proficiency. This will help to new Brother in his communication skills, speaking in public, and in ensuring that he will be able to work his way into another lodge someday.

We have become slack in what we call suitable proficiency. In the old days all Brothers were required to do the entire series of questions and answers from memory in open lodge before being allowed to pass. It is now time to turn around and head back to that. This is the first step.


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