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Oneonta 466 September 2016

Author: BruceVB - Published At: 2016-09-20 19:17 - ( Reads)

We had a great Communication with 15 members, 1 EA, and 3 visitors present; 19 total. Highlights:

  • Rick Ranc lost his wedding ring for a few days; found it on the ball field.
  • Ron Ranc jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.
  • Last Monday Oneonta Chapter 277, Royal Arch Masons, received the DDGHP. Delaware Chapter is meeting with them until Delhi Lodge is repaired. There were 21 in attendance.
  • 3 attended Northstar Project training.
  • W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren appointed the district webmaster.
  • Fred Hickein had a heart valve repaired and feels like he'll live to be 100.
  • Annual Awards Dinner. Fred Hickein received special recognition and James St John received his 70 Year Service Award.
  • Past Master need to make appointments at Costa Photography for pictures in our gallery. Please were tuxedo.

Elias Light DeMolay Meetings & Events 2016-17

Author: BruceVB - Published At: 2016-09-13 21:16 - ( Reads)

This is a preliminary template to be expanded by the Senior Councilor planning his year by Adding prospect parties, ritual practices, ritual examinations and so forth to fill in all the blanks. Add dates to meet your goals.

Fall Meeting

Author: BruceVB - Published At: 2016-09-05 18:39 - ( Reads)

I propose one of of the following dates at 7:00 pm at Cobleskill:

Wed 7 Sept
Wed 14 Sept
Thur 15 Sept (with Advisor webinar at 9 pm)

We were targeting meetings for
2nd Wednesday 7:30 pm
4th Friday 7:30 pm (Advisors 7 pm)
but we have other options, e. g. Sat AM.

Please reply with what works best & 2nd best for you.

Petitions - make sure they can meet on the nights we decide. We could invite them to this meeting along with parents.
Meeting times
Planning - additional time
Election incl Sweetheart
Degrees - contact Kevin
Installation = "

DAD Bruce L. Van Buren


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