Warranted February 8, 1871

Oxford Chapter No. 254
Royal Arch Masons

Masonic Hall 7:30 PM the first Monday Sept. through June.
27 East Main Street, Oxford, N.Y.
Phone: 843-7034


High Priest Message

As the summer slips by, it has me thinking about light and dark. Our Masonic calendar revolves around the summer and winter solstice. When the days are longest and the sun’s light is brightest, we go “dark”. When the days are shortest, darkest and dreariest, our Masonic light shines brightest. The summer is half over and I hope you all have soaked in as much sun light as you can. Already the days are getting shorter and we have to think
ahead to the time when we shine.

Our fall schedule is full of degrees, along with awards, elections and installation. We have a candidate in search of light and we have light in abundance. Expect to have a rehearsal before each degree, notifications will follow.

Again I hope each and every one of you is finding time to relax and enjoy himself. It will soon be time to resume labor.

With fervency and zeal,
John P Murray
High Priest 2019


Opening at 7:30 pm unless otherwise noted.
Sept. 15 at 2:30 pm Rehearsal
September 16: 3rd Monday Past Master Degree
October 7 “Years of Service” Awards
Dinner at 6:30 pm
Presentations at 7:30 pm
November 3 at 2:30 pm Rehearsal
November 4 Most Excellent Master Degree
Chapter opens at 6:30 pm
December 2 Election and Installation of Officers
January 5 at 2:30 pm Rehearsal
January 6 Holy Royal Arch Degree
Chapter opens at 6:30 pm

See District Events at 8thCapitular.

Educational Minute: Under an Arch:

To go under an Arch was once a symbol of humility. Royal Arch Masons are continually reminded throughout the ceremonies of opening and closing the Chapter, and in the exaltation of a candidate, the necessity of humility by those who expect to be exalted in God’s sight.
Contributed by Mark Adler, from Ray V. Denslow’s A Royal Arch Encyclopedia

“Share The Light”

I call on you to help me promote Royal Arch Masonry and Masonry in general as we look to share the light. On my pin and coin, I have an Ancient searching with a lantern with an upturned basket at his feet. We are not to hide the Light of Royal Arch Masonry under the basket, nor are we to hide each of our own rights of friendship and brotherly love. We are to search for those who would benefit from increased Light and Masonry by having additional friends and Companions. We are to search for those in the profane world who would welcome the benefit of Masonic Light, and real friendship and brotherly love.
From the Inaugural Address of M:. E:. Paul G. Huck, Grand High Priest
Annual 'Years of Service' Awards

October 7, 2019
Wives and Guests Cordially Invited

Special Presentation by
Most Excellent Paul G. Huck
Grand High Priest
Most Excellent Michael T. Dunn
Grand Secretary

Oxford Chapter #254
27 Main St., Oxford, NY 13778
6:30 pm Dinner
Compliments of Oxford #254
Reservations by October 1, 2019
to: James W. Hemstrought Jr.
607-843-6305 or
E-mail: hemstroj at stny.rr.com


E∴ John P. MurrayHigh Priest 387 Clock Hill Road, Burlington Flats, NY 13315
914-419-6088 Loganj54 at yahoo.com
E∴ Raymond L. Sullivan King 26 No. Chenango St., Apt. 1, Greene, NY 13778
E∴ James E. Dann Scribe 13 Chenango Ave., Sherburne, NY 13460
M∴ E∴ James W. Hemstrought Jr. Secretary PO Box 257, Oxford, NY 13830-0257
607-843-6305 hemstroj at stny.rr.com
R∴E∴ Hugh R. Price Treasurer PO Box 138, Oxford, NY 13830-0138
E∴ Daniel P. Kwasnik Captain of the Host
Comp. Richard P. Freeman Principal Sojourner
E∴ James A. Meek Royal Arch Captain
Comp. Issac S. Spencer Master of of the Third Veil
R∴E∴ Robert N. Rogers Master the Second Veil
Comp. Arthur N. Carlson Master of the First Veil
R∴E∴ Steven R. Shearer Chaplain
R∴E∴ Francis K. Wilcox Musician
E∴ Homer A. Burch Trustee 3 years
E∴ Richard D. Howard Trustee 2 years
R∴E∴ Richard J. Burroughs Trustee 1 year


M∴E∴ Edmund D. Harrison, Grand High Priest 2002
M∴E∴ Walter J. Hilsenbeck, Grand High Priest 2005
M∴E∴ Michael T. Dunn, Grand High Priest 2012

R∴E∴ Hugh R. Price Receives Award

R∴E∴ Hugh R. Price has received a well deserved honor in the Scottish Rite. He received the Meritorious Service Award at the 146th Annual Convocation of the New York State Council of Deliberations on July 7, 2015.

Congratulations Hugh.


Are You Concerned?

The Companions of Oxford Chapter #254 should be very proud of the fact that they can confer all the degrees of Royal Arch Masonry and have
repeatedly done so for other Chapters throughout the district and State. There is, however, a reason to be concerned. Only one companion has joined Oxford Chapter #254 since June 2013. We did have two companions affiliate with us, one in 2013 and one in 2014.

Over the years, our active companions have come from Oxford Lodge #175. Unfortunately, the occupations of the newer brothers have prevented them from being active or joining Royal Arch Masonry. Members of Oxford Lodge know the situation and I am confident things will change, hopefully sooner rather than later. We are fortunate to have membership from Sherburne, New Berlin, Edmeston, Hamilton, Eaton and Greene.

This prompts me to call on those Oxford Chapter companions, who have membership in other Lodges, to promote and encourage their brothers to join Royal Arch Masonry here in Oxford. We have a lot to offer them at the present time, but things can change rapidly if we don't begin to bring in new members. We also need to take on ritual duties currently being done by our older companions. Please ask yourself, when was
the last time I brought in a member to Oxford Chapter or learned a new part for a degree?

Obviously candidates are out there or we wouldn't be conferring all these degrees for other Chapters. We all have a stake in this matter, both in Lodge and Chapter. If you need a petition I have them or you can download one from the Grand Chapter website (www.ny-royal-arch.org).


DDGHP Visit to Western Broome Chapter No 332

Author: BruceVB - Published 2019-10-24 11:59 - (270 Reads)

Western Broome Chapter No 332 recently had their official visit from RE Bruce Van Buren, DDGHP. Also visiting that day was ME James Hemstrough, PGHP; RE Brian Singer, Grand Scribe; and RE Steven Shearer, Grand Royal Arch Captain. 17 companions joined for breakfast, followed by an inspirational message from the DDGHP. Of note, E James Meek of Oxford Chapter was presented with an Honorary Membership Certificate by RE Charles Hill, EHP of Western Broome for his dedicated support of Western Broome No. 332.

IMG 20191019 104827952
IMG 20191019 104742207

Oxford Royal Arch Awards 2018

Author: BruceVB - Published 2018-11-06 15:27 - (1029 Reads)

Oxford Royal Arch Chapter No. 254 held their Annual Awards Night on November 5, 2018 at Oxford, NY
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The evening began with fellowship and a ziti and chicken parmesan dinner. We moved to the chapter room for the awards ceremony. There were present 19 Chapter Companions, 10 ladies, M∴E∴ Allen M. Bryant, Grand High Priest, R∴E∴ Bruce L. Van Buren, DDGHP of The 8th Capitular District, and V∴ E∴ Wilbur L. Corrington, AGL.

Oxford Royal Arch Chapter Awards - Photos by R∴E∴ Bruce L. Van Buren, DDGHP of The 8th Capitular District

Comp. Patrick M. Blenis receives 5 year award. Exhalted 3 June 2013 - Presented by Grand High Priest M∴E∴ Allen M. Bryant and High Priest E∴ Daniel P. Kwasnik

E∴ James E. Dann receives 10 year award. Exhalted 3 November 2008 - Presented by Grand High Priest M∴E∴ Allen M. Bryant and High Priest E∴ Daniel P. Kwasnik

R∴E∴ Steven R. Shearer receives 10 year award. Exhalted 7 January 2008 - Presented by Grand High Priest M∴E∴ Allen M. Bryant and High Priest E∴ Daniel P. Kwasnik

Comp. David A. Perry receives 20 year award. Exhalted 10 October 1998 - Presented by Grand High Priest M∴E∴ Allen M. Bryant and High Priest E∴ Daniel P. Kwasnik

Comp. Dennis Youngs receives his Zerubbabel Pin - Presented by Grand High Priest M∴E∴ Allen M. Bryant, M∴E∴ James W. Hemstrought, Jr. and High Priest E∴ Daniel P. Kwasnik

M∴E∴ James W. Hemstrought, Jr. receives a Double Diamond for his Zerubbabel Pin - Presented by GM 3rd Veil R∴E∴ Steven R. Shearer, Grand High Priest M∴E∴ Allen M. Bryant and High Priest E∴ Daniel P. Kwasnik

Photos by R∴E∴ Bruce L. Van Buren, DDGHP of The 8th Capitular District