Martha Chapter No. 116
Order of the Eastern Star

Meets at 7:30 pm
3rd Tuesday in September
1st & 3rd Tuesday in October, November, December
3rd Tuesday in March
1st & 3rd Tuesday in April, May
1st Tuesday in June
Oneonta Masonic Temple
322 Main Street
Oneonta, NY 13820-2511
(607) 432-1412


Schedule 2020

Sat Feb 29 10:30 am
1:00 pm
Line & Grande Clubs
RSVP Lunch $7.00
Sun Mar 15 2 pm Practice
Tue Mar 177:30 pm Birthday Party Cake & Ice Cream
Wed Mar 18 7 pm Dinner Theater Meeting, Laurens
Sat Mar 22 11 am - 4 pm Grand Matron's Official Visit Quality Inn Oneonta
Tue Apr 77:15 pm District Officers, Colored Gowns Officers
Wed Apr 87:30 pm District Officers, Otsego-Hartwick-Arbutus
Tue Apr 217:30 pmAmple Form Sandy & Dave
Mon Apr 27 7:30 pm District Officers, Laurens-Freedom
Sun Mar 3 2 pm Practice
Tue May 57:30 pm Regular Dorcas & Kathryn
Sat May 9 5:00 pm Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Cherry Valley
Tue May 127:30 pm District Officers, Schenevus
Sun May 17 2 pm Practice
Tue May 197:30 pm Confer Degrees Shirley & June
Tue Jun 27:30 pm Memorial. White gowns. Dark suits. Ellie & Shaina
Sat July 11 4 pm District Picnic Higbies'
Sat July 17-18 Festival of Stars (Bazaar) Oriskany
Tue Sep 15 7:30 pm Membership recognition Martins
Tue Oct 67:30 pm Regular Chris & Bruce
Oct 15-17 Grand Chapter, Binghamton
Tue Oct 207:30 pmPM&PP Colored gowns Karen & Jack
Tue Nov 37:30 pm Annual. Reports and election Susan & Dorcas
Tue Nov 177:30 pm Installation of Officers. Colored gowns, tux or dark suit. Faye & Theresa
Tue Dec 17:30 pm Regular Christmas Cookie Exchange
Tue Dec 157:30 pm Regular Fred & Ellie

Officers 2020

Worthy Matron W∴ Dorcas J. Ross
Worthy Patron W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren
Associate Matron S∴ Karen N. Smith
Associate Patron W∴ John R. Smith
Secretary R∴W∴ Eleanor B. Hickein
Treasurer W∴ Doris V. Martin
Conductress S∴ Susan Sanly-O'Connor
Associate Conductress S∴ Christina Sterchak
Trustee (Chmn) R∴W∴ Edward Smith Newsham
Trustee (2 yr) R∴W∴ Fred G. Hickein
Trustee (3 yr) R∴W∴ David F. Stoy
Chaplain S∴ Kathryn Kurtz
Marshal W∴ Faye Munson
Assistant Marshal S∴ Theresa M. Bellissimo
Historian S∴ Shirley S. J. Fioravanti
Musician S∴ June M. Newsham
Warder W∴ William E. Martin
Color Bearer Bro William Holmes
Ruth W∴ Sandra K. Stoy
Martha S∴ Shaina Poppo
DDGM R∴W∴ Carol Stafford
DGL R∴W∴ Richard Scheiner
Grand Chaplain R∴W∴ Barbara Aldrich