Tri Valley of Hope
Assembly #25
International Order of Rainbow for Girls

Rainbow for Girls strives to teach each of its members the skills necessary for a young woman to be confident, competent and successful in an ever changing world. Young women learn to plan and execute their program of fun activities, service activities, and under the guidance and supervision of a qualified advisory team. Programs include, ritual presentations to other organizations, and ritualistically structured meetings. Parents are always welcome to all activities.

Girls ages 6 -9 are called Pledges welcomed and encouraged to participate in many activities including charity work, installations, and many other assembly activities. The pledges enjoy the “big sister” relationships they will form with the older girls as they work and play side by side.

Girls ages 10-20 are official Rainbow Girls and are involved in every aspect of the organization. At this age, girls can be elected to hold office, travel locally or globally, conduct speaking engagements, oversee charity projects, and participate in all facets of Assembly work. It is at this level that members gain the knowledge and experience that will help them through every stage of life.


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