Oneonta Chapter No. 277
Royal Arch Masons

Second Mondays (SEP-MAY) 7:30 PM
322 Main Street
Oneonta, NY 13820-2511

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Most Excellent Master Cast

MEM First Section/Open/Close

RWM R∴E∴ Charles Lowe
SW V∴E∴ William Morley
SD R∴E∴ Bruce L. Van Buren
JD E∴ Alexander D. Brannan
Secretary Richard Morley
Marshal E∴ Richard Transue
Chaplain Kyle Budine
Tiler James Higbie

MEM Second Section

King Solomon R∴E∴ Bruce L. Van Buren
Hiram King of Tyre V∴E∴ William Morley
Marshal E∴ Richard Transue
Senior Deacon E∴ Jeffrey Gearhart
Carry Keystone
Master Overseer R∴E∴ Charles Lowe
Senior Overseer E∴ George Thompson
Junior Overseer Kyle Budine
Carry Ark
1st Levite R∴E∴ Charles Lowe
2nd Levite E∴ George Thompson
3rd Levite Kyle Budine
4th Levite Ken Soden
High Priest Temple E∴ Alex Brannan
Chaplain E∴ Richard Morley
Address to Candidate E∴ Richard Transue
Questions R∴E∴ Charles Lowe
Answers R∴E∴ Bruce L. Van Buren
Charge E∴ Alex Brannan
Reader E∴ Alexander Brannan
Electrician James Higbie
Stage Dir R∴E∴ Charles Lowe


RWM R∴E∴ Charles Lowe
SW M∴E∴ David Stoy
SD E∴ Earl Wilkinson
Secretary E∴ Alex Brannan
Marshal E∴ Scott Kinne (WB)
Chaplain James O.Forbes


King Solomon R∴E∴ Hugh Price
Hiram King of Tyre Ken Sokolowski
Senior Deacon E∴ Earl Wilkinson
Carry Keystone
Master Overseer
Senior Overseer James O. Forbes
Junior Overseer George Thompson
Carry Ark
1st Levite
2nd Levite James O. Forbes
3rd Levite George Thompson
4th Levite
High Priest TempleR∴E∴ Steve Shearer
Chaplain R∴E∴ Charles Lowe
Address to Candidate
Answers Ronald Wood, Jr
R∴E∴ Steve Shearer
Stage Dir

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