Why Be a DeMolay?
See the ELDCalendar for events and schedule.
In The Story Of
Your Success,

This is Chapter One!

Elias Light Chapter & Manor
Order of DeMolay
7:00 pm 3rd Thursday: Stated Meetings
Oneonta Masonic Temple
322 Main St
Oneonta NY

New York DeMolay

DeMolay International


  • Two terms per year
  • Meetings 7:00 pm 1st & 3rd Thursday at Oneonta Masonic Temple
  • Advisors meet after at about 9:00 pm
  • Weekly informal meetings

Things to Think About

  • Use DeMolay Resource Guide
  • Use Chapter Activity Guide
  • Plan according criteria for PMC-MSA
  • Try to be Chapter of the year; get points by visiting, etc.
  • Assign committees - see resource guide
  • Degree conferrals minimum of twice a year (self, Regional TBA or Grand Master's class TBA)
  • Goal for the term; big event(s); invite other chapters
  • State events
  • Do something on obligatory days
  • Events: social, civil, Masonic, athletic, fund-raising
  • Plan events & create a flyer with Who, What, Why, When, Where; create an event budget; assign an event committee; write out full details; send invitations to other chapters at least 2 months before with reservations due one month before.
  • Prepare agenda for all Meetings & email a week before


  • Initiate membership plan with a goal of 6 new quality members a year
  • Each member shall be first line signer at least 2 petitions from Quality candidates
  • Find prospects school, church, sports teams, other social orgs, neighborhood; must fall in line with code of ethics; advisors should check references
  • Tells prospects about fun activities - that means need to plan them - e.g. Old Forge, Winterfest, bowling, tramboline, game nights at lodge. At least one advisor must attend
  • Prospect party (parents and prospect) - any public event - not chapter meeting
  • Sell to parents: Flower talk. Advisors talk to parents. Hand parents and prospect petitions
  • MC must complete new member Form 10 for advisor to submit to DI.
  • Budget entire plan

Event Planning

The following is a template to be expanded by the Senior Councilor planning his year by Adding prospect parties, ritual practices, ritual examinations and so forth to fill in all the blanks. Add dates to meet your goals.

Jan Present plan to DADs
Annual Financial Report
Annual Report
Feb Patriots’ Day
Mar 990
Week of Mar 18 Devotional Day
Mar Elections
Apr Installation
PMC-MSA Letters
May Parents’ Day (dinner for parents)
Protection video
July Present plan to DADs
July My Government Day (e.g. visit historical site)
1st weekend Aug NY DeMolay Convention
July - Aug Key Man, Elizabethtown, PA
Sept Educational Day (teacher speak?)
Nov Frank S. Land Memorial Day
Protection videos
Advisor's Annual meeting
Awards & supplies
Day of Comfort

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