Senior Warden

The Senior Warden shall

  • prepare to be Master
    • have taken the 24 Inch Gauge course
    • take the Master in the Chair course
    • interview candidates for all of his appointments
    • before election present his plan for the ensuing year to the Past Masters
    • attend the Investiture Service after election as Master
    • Clear his personal calendar to give priority to the lodge
  • attend meetings of the District Association (Masters & Wardens)
  • be proficient all the work of his office including conferring the 2nd Degree
  • appoint the 2nd Degree team
  • see to the proficiency of the 2nd Degree team
  • See that all candidates for degrees are proficient
  • Examine visiting brethren when there is no one to vouch that he knows him to be a Mason. They shall be examined for in the signs and tokens and given the Master Mason's oath.


  • Brotherhood fund chairman from June through the end of May.
  • Confers FC degree in spring
  • SW is HKT in fall conferral of MM degree

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