The Trustees and their successors in office shall be empowered and are hereby authorized to take, hold, and convey, and to have in charge and in trust for the Lodge, by and under the direction of the Lodge for the use and benefit thereof, all the temporalities and property belonging thereto, whether consisting of real or personal estate and whether the same shall have been given, granted, or devised to said Lodge or to any person or persons for its use, benefit, or in trust thereof. The said trustees shall also have in charge all funds which have been paid to them by order of the Lodge, and accrued interest thereon, and shall have power to draw, transfer, exchange, or deposit the same or any part thereof when so required to do so. The Board of Trustees shall be invested with full right and power to sign, execute, acknowledge, and deliver all necessary deeds or conveyances and any and all necessary papers relating to either real or personal property belonging to the Lodge in the sale, transfer, or disposition thereof when directed and required to do so by a two thirds vote of the members present at any Stated Communication of the Lodge. The Master shall cause written or printed notice of such Stated Communication to be mailed through the Post Office, to each member of the Lodge at his address as the same appears on the records of the Lodge or by electronic mail. Such notice shall contain a statement of the proposition to be submitted at such Communication.

The Trustees shall make an annual report to the Lodge of all funds and other property in their possession and under their control belonging to the Lodge at the meeting next succeeding the annual election of officers.

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